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Welcome to The Cursed Years.

God tests us all...and he is about to test the Fakuatsu family big time. With his parents dead, 27-year-old Itaru Fakuatsu takes it upon himself to take care of his younger sister, Okimi, whom he has abused without anyone noticing. Okimi cares about her brother because he is the reason she believes in God and will not fight back against her brother's abuse. She knows that to release Itaru from this curse, she must live up to her family's name, evangelizing all over Japan. Itaru's demonic possession forbids Okimi from doing this so Okimi must seek out into the night, trying to find Itaru's path to salvation with God. She knows if she believes, her brother will not perish at Satan's hands...

OMG! More comics!

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Yes! After a long couple weeks I made two new pages. I know, I'm lazy, but I swear! More are on the way! More stories and stuff. The title page of Chapter one makes me happy because I did not ink it so it produced a really raw feel that I like a lot. I wish I could do all my comics this way...hey....I could if I wanted to...but I won't because dad just bought me some new inking pens!
What's going on in the mind of Raven? might have to figure that out yourself. *spins in chair* wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Also, I think I'm going to make some new pages in the layout you know? A page "About the Comic" "Characters" "About Ravenmaster" That sort of thing.

....going to make some new pages in the layout, meaning, if I can figure out how to work HTML...stupid computer language...


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Aaaaaaaaaaand....*click* the three first pages are up!

Hello There!

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Hi! I'm Raven! I am making this comic because I wish to be a manga and anime creator when I am older. So stick with me and enjoy the stylings of Itaru and Okimi Fakuatsu, plus a little bit of God and Satan here and there and Okimi's weird friends. Comics will be up shortly...once I figure out this dang html.

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